Art in Bloom , when two good things come together

According to Wikipedia, the phrase '“ Art in Bloom “ was first used by a volunteer at the Museum of Fine Arts , Boston in it’s original exhibit in 1976. Since then, it has been copied and modified by many art institutions , garden clubs and communities throughout the country. These exhibits usually are held in the spring, presumably for the greater availability of floral materials for the participating designers. The exhibit uses traditional art pieces and a corresponding floral arrangement done by professional florists and garden club members.

I have participated in a few “Art in Bloom “ exhibits both as an art provider and a floral designer in my town, which is on a very small scale. i have attended many others in a variety of settings, in museums and at botanical gardens. Often , when I mention the exhibit , many people are unaware of exactly what it is. This explains my reasoning for this post.

Apart from the fact that I always enjoy the chance to view art, I am particularly delighted by these exhibits on any scale. The reason being that the creative process for the complimentary floral arranging is similar, but not exactly the same as the creative process of painting. Indeed, the basic elements of design line , color, shape, space, value , and texture are utilized by both artist and floral designer to varying degrees. however, with floral materials , there is the consideration of perishability but the added bonus of fragrance.

The florals are right on time for those of us who have longed for spring and fuel the desire to engage in artitistic interpretation by any means.

Art in Bloom 2019jpg